Ditch your hose clamps: no more cutting!

High Performance Double O-Ring Design:

The secret to Duotight’s superior sealing performance comes from the fact that they use not one, but two high-quality EPDM O-rings.  

The double O-ring means they have literally twice the sealing surface when compared with other push-in fittings.  This makes them more reliable and significantly reduces the chance of leakage. The double O-ring system also means that tubing can be bent at a much tighter radius without causing leaking issues, which can be an issue with other fittings.  

This combination of factors makes Duotight the most reliable push-in fittings on the market. EPDM offers excellent chemical resistance for a longer life span. When compared with silicone and vinyl, EPDM has much better gas transmission rates, better wear resistance, and is BPA-free. Learn more

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