How to: Convert a Fridge into a Kegerator

How to Build a Kegerator

How do I build a kegerator? How do I convert an old fridge to a haven of hoppiness?

We get these question A LOT, so we built a kit to take all the guess work out!
This Premium Kegerator Conversion Kit allows you to transform any standard refrigerator into a kegerator to dispense fresh beer in yourhome! This easy set up is made up of industry's top brands, ensuring quality and durability at a great a value!

Premium Single Tap Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit with 5 lb CO2 Tank

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Here's how easy it is! Each kit comes with detailed set up instructions, but here's the basics: 

Step 1: Remove shelves, clean & sanitize

Step 2: Drill the hole(s) for your tap(s). If your fridge isn't big enough to fit the CO2 tank too, you'll need to drill another hole to feed the gas line from the CO2 tank to the keg coupler. 

Step 3: Connect beer and gas lines, turn on CO2

Step 4: Tap, pour, and enjoy!

Kit Includes:

  • 5lb. CO2 Tank
  • Premium dual gauge regulator
  • Lever Handle American Sanke D Style Coupler
  • 4-1/8" Stainless Steel Shank with nipple assembly
  • Chrome beer faucet with plastic tap handle
  • Premium 7-in-1 Draft Faucet Wrench Multi Tool
  • 5ft. 3/16" Beer Line Assembly
  • 5 ft. 3/16" CO2 Line Assembly
  • 6" x 4" Wall Mount Drip Tray

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